terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

back to Nacala

I haven't been much present in this blog... but now I'm back to Mozambique after spending two months in Brazil, resting and ministering in different churches. So now I hope to post more often here.

About March...

The beginning of the month it was quite unusual for me. When I arrived at Nacala, the students had already arrived and classes had already started. Though I felt part of what was going on, it was very weird to not have been involved in all the little details of the preparation. It took me a few days to start flowing with what was going on, but I could see that ultimately it was very good that I delayed. Because I wasn’t here, the teachers were pushed to do everything they had learned before. Of course everyone else in the team had to help, but I feel the teachers were able to apply what they had been trained for last year. It gives me confidence that more and more I won’t have much to do here! Weird, hugh?!
Spiritual Formation week was awesome! Pastor Armando’s visit brought us new energy, excitement and moved each of us to move in a new anointing. Personally it has been the most rejoicing term we’ve had. After the first day of teaching, we came up to the classroom in the evening ready to pray and for each one to leave certain that they are saved by Jesus’ blood and their faith in Him. We prayed for the students and as they repeated a prayer with me, I opened my eyes and could see a visible change in their faces. As they spoke those words of faith, their countenance was lifted and big smiles came up! Wow, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ! As we finished praying JOY came into the classroom, and songs of praised were shouted. We sang and danced for a long time! No one felt exhausted, because the body couldn’t even say anything with such a release in our spirits. It is funny, as they are set free, and faith comes into them, I feel the same renewing in my spirit, though I’ve had that experience many years ago. Can you believe it has been more than 14 years!
Each night after that, almost the same thing happened over and over. They brought their burdens and doubts, the Word released faith into them, JOY sprang up and we all rejoiced praising God.
The Holy Spirit night was very special! After ministering to some students, I just stopped in one side of the classroom and just allowed myself to be a bit selfish for Him… to desire Him to touch me in a new way again! And He did… it was very precious to be filled again, even as many of them were being filled for the first time.
From then, classes have been establishing the Word in the students’ minds, so that they may continue living the life Jesus gave them already.
As most of you know, Marcelino have left the teacher training program to go back and study. It was a surprise, and I felt a bit sad, but I bless his life and pray he will continue in His ways. Valentim has been a blessing to us. He knows the Word and teaches it with clarity and without mistakes. He is developing in teaching skills and for sure will continue growing as he uses the gifts God has already given him. We are looking for more graduates with gift in teaching and calling to work with AWY. Leonardo is in Nampula serving the AWY church with pastor Armando and under his supervision. If everything goes right he will start being trained as a teacher next year.
Spiritually I’ve been feeling more strong, confident and with continuity than ever in my life. What it means is that I’ve been more dependent on His strength than mine, and because of that, I’m not going to run dry.
At home we are very happy to have Cassale with us. She is a real blessing and brings extra joy to our days. We have a lot of fun together at the same time that we allow God to use us to help guide and train her for Him.

sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Freedom of Obeying

Freedom comes when we love God above everything else. Have you ever disobeyed the Holy Spirit? It is terrible the feeling that comes when you do that.
When you have felt that, because you love God and when you are separated from Him you suffer, you never want to feel that again.
That's a vaccine. No matter how much it may hurt to give up, to obey God, it is nothing compared to the horrible feeling of disobeying Him.
We need to learn to differenciate this from religiosity. And when we know the difference to be radically obedient. THis is how we can be guided by the Spirit.
When we are guided by Him, we know Him more.