segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

A leap of faith: GRACE

To trust grace
It is a leap of faith
It is loosing control
It is completely trusting
that God is speaking the whole truth
and what we have lived so far is a lie
it is the devil's deceiving lie

It is like jumping out of a cliff
with no garantee
but the Word He has spoken.

When will we truly take that jump?

domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

what's up today

When the vision some times seem to fade away,
He comes with His Spirit,
Renewing our spirit, giving us a fresh breath for a new day!
That is how I feel here in Mozambique.

Some weeks pass flying by,
Some days are easy, some are hard.
Still He is faithful to sustain us in each of them.

We have 34 students at the Discipleship School currently and 14 at the Vocational School.
Next weekend we will celebrate Easter together here at the school, students and the members of the churches close by. Please pray for us.

A Word about Mozambique!

It's a new time for Mozambique
A time for it to be raised to a new level!
From ashes God brings to life
something beautiful.

Up Mozambique!
Be raised!
Wake up from poverty,
from war,
from spiritual darkness.
Yes, a nation can be changed!
Yes, a nation will be changed!
And I'm here to be a part of that!
What a privilege!
Nothing is greater than this!
I want to be a vessel, an instrument of change
To see it before physical eyes can see
To prophecy it and believe in it
To pray and bring it to existence
To see the little cloud forming afar
To then experience the rain!