quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

Art, by Eliana Walker

Art is when your eyes are opened to behold the infinite. It happens during just a few seconds when that humanly invisible gate between this world and reality is unlocked and we`re able to grasp the true meaning of beauty. That`s where light comes from, where sounds are clearly heard and where feelings are fully understood. Once you`ve been there, life is not the same.
Colors look pale, musical notes are not enough, words become powerless, yet necessary and full of purpose.

Once you've been there, you are bestowed with a burden, a restless and increasingly tiresome voice, which is not decipherable until it is so overwhelming that it becomes unbearable to a point where you can't see, hear or feel anything but the voice itself.

Any true artist knows and sometimes admits that a particular expression of art -- whether it be good music, a beautiful painting, a lovely poem or even a warm smile, a tight hug or a tear drop -- doesn't really belong to him. He is just the means, the way between here and there, between that which seems to be and that which really is. And then, if he's really been faithful and successful in revealing what he touched in those fleeting moments of amazement and awe, then he'll offer a chance for everyone else to break free from the surrounding shadows of this world and see reality, gaze into its existence and hope that one day we'll no longer have shadows blinding our eyes. The gate will be forever open and we'll be able to call that reality!