quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

A Note on Procrastination

People that only work under pressure are very funny and many times illogical. I am one of them. We are the description of “procrastination”.

Many times I can take hours, days or even weeks to do something I don’t feel like. Even if it is something I enjoy doing or believe very firmly I should do. It makes no sense, but I just can’t get around to do it. I will do everything else, even harder shores, difficult tasks, annoying stuff, but NOT THAT MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Then all of the sudden, inspiration will come down, or sometimes I just get super annoyed with that pressure on my back, or maybe the dead line is in a few minutes; it is only then that I do it quickly, painless and well done! Go figure!

Today I had one of those moments. It has been almost a month since the pastor of my church in Brazil asked me to send them a video. I had thousand of ideas, made many plans but didn’t move a leaf to put any of them in practice. I scheduled set times in which I was going to start, I separated whole afternoons just for that… but nothing came out of it. I felt bad for taking so long, and I just kept doing the urgent little things that came up, or the useless big things that came to my attention.

Then this afternoon, after a very busy day, I came back from a meeting with the women in Ontupaia, happy, inspired by the beautiful sunset, my favorite time of the day. So I got home running, set up the camera, minutes before there wouldn’t be enough light to shoot the video, sat down and recorded the whole thing. Minutes before the inspiration came I was tired, feeling the only thing I wanted was a shower, some food and bed. But I’m just that illogical! When it comes, it comes and I must use it before it goes away again!